The making-of the "Multimedia and integrated international week"

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Here is how was our experience together during the week of 23rd-27th March, when 15 students and 11 teachers from 6 universities met to test new journalism training.

Entering the newsroom on the very first day and take a seat next to your people, the ones who share every day with you in your university, in your country.  Everyone was in silence. No one broke the ice. Well, actually teachers did so.  

So, how could we manage this situation? We really didn’t know. Maybe having discussions about which rail system was the worst: if the Spanish one or the Swedish one. Maybe telling jokes about the Danish and the Swedish people. Or maybe, like one of the French students said, debating about how late French people can be sometimes. By the way, at the end of the week, the integration has been absolutely fulfilled: Danish people and Spanish ones got quite late on the newsroom. This could be another definition of integrated journalism.

It was hard to talk to each other at the beginning. We began the week as a teamwork mates and we finished it as an international family. Every single thing, every single joke, every single lunch or breakfast at Universitat Pompeu Fabra cafeteria has united us so much that the farewell, of course, was quite emotive.

Along the week we have reported different things: the airplane crash in France, pros and cons about tourism in Barcelona, EU initiative to fight youth unemployment and Barcelona’s race for exchange students. We have also had other experiences, such as an environmental tour around the city in a very rainy day or a visit to the communication department of F.C. Barcelona. Experiences that have helped us discover the other cultures of the people with we shared the week.

To sum up, we must talk about the Last Dinner. Thursday nights are important for university people in Barcelona so the Catalans decided to take the international students to have a drink. Definitely, what happens in Barcelona… Stays in Barcelona.  

Here is a video with our experience

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