Panel TA7: Internet and social media as new ways to give voice to the citizen's claims

Published on by Raquel Pérez (author)

From the Tunisian uprising to the people affected by mortgage’s in Spain or the hacker culture. The Panel TA7, in Spanish and moderated by Dr.Núria Almiron, was a discussion about how Internet and social media can give voice to the citizen’s claims.

Panel TM1: Authors’ rights and the role of media critical blogs

Published on by Roger Cuartielles (author)

Cheruiyot explaining his study to the attendees

Cheruiyot explaining his study to the attendees

Copyright and the Media critical blogs, the two main topics of the morning parallel panel TM1, leaded by doctor Jacques Guyot. 

Panel TA11: From Portugal to kosovo passing by Catalonia

Published on by Martí Puig (author)

Three various panoramas and three different but complementary, expositions. Three examples of journalism to be considered.

Digital narratives might not be as digital after all

Published on by Astrid Ildor (author)

The afternoon parallel panel, TA9, was a series of presentations ping-ponging between obstacles and possible solutions for future journalism education - from the lack of participatory journalism courses to computational thinking.

Panel TA8: Social networks and media: we must continue working on it

Published on by Martí Puig (author)

It was a good occasion to reflect on the media and the future that awaits them. Social networks offer many possibilities that have to be seized.