A bright future in store for FC Barcelona

Published on by Peter Dalsgaard Thomsen (author)

The catalonian football team does not only experience success on the grass, but also in the ever-growing communications department. 

They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. But it seems like that old saying does not apply to the scarlet-blue men and women in FC Barcelona. Here, the grass on the pitch has never been greener.

With several titles under their belt, the Catalonians have never been better. The team ranks as the second most valuable – only behind the old time rivals in Real Madrid. A ranking that, according to the club, will change once Barcelona wins the Champions League.


So it should come as no surprise that the communications department of the club is constantly reforming itself. With over thirty journalists tucked away in the outer ring of Camp Nou, the communications department does everything in its power to keep up with the clubs´ raging success.

“We must constantly reinvent ourselves. Do things better. We publish magazines, run a tv-channel and launch campaigns all over the world,” says Albert Montagut, director of communication. “If we want to keep that record going, we must always be the best.”

Messi watches over the directors´ office from a big poster in the middle of the room. The club owes a lot of its progress to this tiny Argentinean. Therefore, it should be obvious who will be smiling on the front page of the new, redesigned Barça magazine that launches next month.

The redesign means more than a sleeker, fancier front page, it signifies a greater future for FC Barcelona. The club is already a mastodon, publishing news and products in seven languages, but in a few years it will reach a point where it becomes a media of its own.

“Maybe we will not need to appeal to the newspapers in the future. It´s possible that we may publish stories on our own,” says Albert Montagut.

It is impossible to tell, what the future holds. But if the past is any indication, the club will continue to be among the top players in the communication-game for many, many years.

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