Towards a citizen storytelling

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Sergio Villanueva from Universitat de Barcelona has explained what happens when journalism and transmedia activism work together in the last plenary session of the congress. 

Firstly, Villanueva has started his speech with The Fogo Process, the legendary filmmaking project made by National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and Memorial University of Newfoundland Extension Service in the late 1960s to give voice to the Fogo island community, struggled with the loss of the inshore fishery that had sustained them for centuries.

After that, with the quote “Voice is the process of giving an account of one’s life and its condition telling a story, providing a narrative” from Nick Couldry and another one from Chantal MouffeCitizenship is a principle that articulates different subjective positions of each social agent recognizing a plurality of specific loyalties and respecting individual freedom”, Villanueva has shown what happens when journalism and transmedia activism work together. As examples of that he has mentioned Egypt Uprising, when citizens were the first to report what was going on in the country through social media and it was not until Mubarak’s regime cut off the Internet when the media started publishing contents.

Another example is the documentary called Ciutat Morta (Dead City), made to denounce the case about police corruption occured in Barcelona the night of the 4th February 2006, when four people were arrested without evidences for throwing allegedly a flowerpot to one police officer whereas he and the rest of officers were putting some people out from a squatter illegal party. In Villanueva’s words, Ciutat Morta is a research about the truth, an example of collaboration culture and background journalismm, which was broadcasted in TV3 - the Catalan public TV channel - four months ago thanks for the persistence of some citizens.

Finally, Sergio Villanueva has affirmed that citizen storytelling is another way to engage the audience whose potential relies in emotion.



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