Panel TM1: Authors’ rights and the role of media critical blogs

Published on by Roger Cuartielles (author)

Copyright and the Media critical blogs, the two main topics of the morning parallel panel TM1, leaded by doctor Jacques Guyot. 

“What is copyright?”. With this question Javier Díaz Noci, a professor about Multimedia Journalism from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, has started his presentation called Authors’ rights:  journalists, audiences and news organizations, one of the two expositions which has taken place this morning in parallel panel TM1, leaded by the doctor Jacques Guyot.

Díaz has focus his explanation on why the copyright has been invented for, if it has been invented to protect authors, companies or people’s rights. With that purpose, the Journalism professor, who is also licensed in Law, has explained the differences between the legislations there are about this issue. In Canada, for example, law lets users produce content more freely, without any kind of restriction, than in Europe, where copyright is stricter and the holders have exclusive rights in comparison with authors and users. Moreover, in Canada there is not a huge division between authors and users because both can be creators. Finally, Javier Díaz has pointed out that there should be a balance between authors, publishers and users or, in other words, between creators, holders and users to stimulate creation and take advantage of users’ work as a source of innovation.  

 If the copyright is a way to regulate content, the second speaker David Cheruiyot, a professor from Karlstad University, has presented Media-Critical Blogs as a chance to regulate, in a non-legal field, media content and improve journalism practice. In his speaking, Cheruiyot has talked about the media accountability, for him a difficult concept to define, and has underlined the loss experimented by the media on fomenting public opinion. Furthermore, David Cheruiyot has commented the role of these critical blogs in a more participatory media accountability scene.    


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