Panel TA10: “Content is the king and context is the queen; together they rule”

Journalism is not the same as it was before the irruption of social media or technological improvements. Panel TA10 was focused on the whole change of content, a conjuncture in which the journalistic profession is still adapting itself to the new media flow, experimental changes of roles in newsrooms and the introduction of algorithms in the production of news.

by Raquel Pérez.


  • Digital narratives might not be as digital after all

    The afternoon parallel panel, TA9, was a series of presentations ping-ponging between obstacles and possible solutions for future journalism education - from the lack of participatory journalism courses to computational thinking.



  • Make innovation work with theory

    The last parallel panel on the Shaping the Future of News Media conference was a discussion on how to overcome the challenges in journalism education working with  theoretical model. This was especially debated in the aspect of working with innovative cooperation with the media sector.


Europe has to do better marketing

They decide how the food we eat is produced. They determine which type of identification we need to go on vacation. But nobody knows about that.

The European Union has not known to sell itself. This is the sentence that all guests of Euromain Radio Show -about the future of Europe- have repeated. A difficult structure of the institutions and the inability of politicians to spread the EU politics are the main causes.

In the case of Spain, for example, a new survey shows that only 50 percent of the people feel attached to the EU. That makes this country the 8th most sceptical in the union. The International Secretary of the Catalan Socialist Youth International Commission, Pol Gibert, assures that “in the background they have a strong feeling of being Europeans” but sometimes it seems hard to believe.

Barcelona's race for exchange students

Barcelona is among the leading cities in the world when it comes to international students. The brand of Barcelona is a leading factor in attracting the students and has established Barcelona in the top.



What is Integrated Journalism? Students from Euromain try to answer it

Integrated journalism is something that is not easy to define. We attempted to do it

The making-of the "Multimedia and integrated international week"

Here is how was our experience together during the week of 23rd-27th March, when 15 students and 11 teachers from 6 universities met to test new journalism training.